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F-16 Information

iNFLIGHT Aviation's F-16 Familiarization Trainer was built in the 80s and was used to train F-16C BLK25 air crews on basic aircraft procedures. After several years of service, the trainer was retired and sold at public auction. Our F-16 Familiarization Trainer was stored for many years until recently, when it was refurbished and painted to replicate aircraft 91-0353, one of the world's most capable F-16C BLK50 multirole fighter flying today.


    Aircraft 91-0353 is assigned to the 77th Fighter Squadron (77 FS) that is part of the 20th Fighter Wing at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.
    It operates the F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft conducting air superiority missions.

    The squadron is one of the oldest in the United States Air Force, its origins dating to 20 February 1918, being organized at Rich Field, Waco Texas,
    as a pilot training Squadron during World War I. The squadron saw combat during World War II, and in 1994 the squadron started flying F-16C/D
    'Fighting Falcon' at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina. One of the squadron’s mottos is All Aces, No Jokers.

    Aircraft 91-0353 shot down a MiG-29 during Operation Allied Force on May 4th, 1999 and now wears a kill marking located on the left side
    of the fuselage.
    In early 2004 'Let’s Roll' art was added to the aircraft. "Let's Roll" was Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer's last audible words.


f-16 77FS 1


  Fact Sheet for the F-16CM Block 50 Aircraft Number: 91-0353

    The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a compact, multi-role fighter aircraft. It is highly maneuverable and has proven itself in air-to-air combat and
    air-to-surface attack.
    It provides a relatively low-cost, high-performance weapon system for the United States and allied nations.

    The F-16, first flew in December 1976. The first operational F-16 was delivered in January 1979 to the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing
    at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. 

    Primary Function: Multirole fighter
    logo1Contractor: Lockheed Martin Corp.
    Power Plant: F-16C General Electric F110-GE-129
    Thrust: F-16C, 29,500 pounds
    Wingspan: 32 feet, 8 inches (9.8 meters)
    Length: 49 feet, 5 inches (14.8 meters)
    Height: 16 feet (4.8 meters)
    Weight: 19,700 pounds without fuel (8,936 kilograms)
    Maximum Takeoff Weight: 43,300 pounds (19,197 kilograms)
    Fuel Capacity: typical capacity, 12,000 pounds with two external tanks (5443 kilograms)
    Range: More than 2,000 miles ferry range (1,740 nautical miles)
    Ceiling: Above 50,000 feet (15 kilometers)


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