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F-16 Simulator build page

IFA’s cockpit is one of many USAF F-16C Cockpit Familiarization Trainers, developed and built at Wright-Patterson AFB during the 1980's. Many of these trainers were sold surplus by the US Government and are now owned by private individuals, museums and various aerospace companies. This page contains photos of IFA’s trainer during the restoration process.

clink-pit1 01


The restoration included the addition of a non-serviceable F-16 canopy that had been jettisoned from an aircraft while on the ground. The canopy was shortened a couple of feet to fit the compact trainer. 

clink-pit1 02


Countless hours of sheet metal fabrication went into the restoration of the trainer. Once the metal work was completed, the cockpit was prepared for paint.

clink-pit1 03

clink-pit1 04


After many years, the trainer received a fresh coat of paint and started looking new once again.

clink-pit1 05


The canopy required major repairs that included welding and the fabrication of several sheet metal skins. Once the repairs were complete, the canopy received a coat of primmer and a well-deserved coat of paint.

clink-pit1 06

clink-pit1 07


The Cockpit Familiarization Trainer all back together after 6-years of restoration.

clink-pit1 08


Canopy open and looking good on the ramp. The restoration transformed this F-16C BLK25 Cockpit Familiarization Trainer into a modern BLK50, outfitted with the Combat Avionics Programmed Extension Suite (CAPES) (simulated) and a functional Combat Edge Anti-G System.

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